7 Best Jeep Winches For Pulling The Heaviest Loads

If you’re an avid off-road adventurer with a Jeep and often find yourself in tricky track conditions, then you’ll need a few accessories that can help you out in overcoming them. Having the best Jeep winch is one of the blessings of modern technology that ensures this motto: nothing ever is an obstacle and everything can be conquered.

Be it climbing up a trail, pulling your Jeep through the mud or helping out a friend who’s stuck in an awkward position, a winch can solve any of these problems without needing to call for experts. Keeping a winch pre-installed on the bumper of your Jeep can give you the confidence to go the extra distance that you probably wouldn’t dare before.

Our article will help you in picking the most efficient & effective winch for your Jeep with some of the top choices in the market. It’ll also teach you how you can assess the winch most suitable to you after initially discussing the basics of a winch. This is an in-depth guide for it all, and scrolling till the end will guarantee that you’ll land the ideal Jeep winch for your specific needs.

What Is A Jeep Winch?

A winch is an attachment to your Jeep with the capability of pulling other stuff, or helping you pull your Jeep forward. This accessory needs to be mounted on your Jeep and the device includes a strong & long cable attached to it.

On the other end, it contains a hook that is used to latch on to other objects. After hooking the cable up, the powerful motor of the winch engages and starts pulling. It draws power from your Jeep’s battery and can be managed by a remote controller for your safety.

Best Jeep Winch: 7 Exclusive Options

Having a winch attached to your Jeep is a blessing in disguise, and to make such a permanent partnership should only be made with the best product available in the market. And to ease you in the searching process, our experts have picked out 7 of the most durable and premium-built winches that can fit nicely with your Jeep and help you out in adverse situations.

Champion 10,000-lb. Truck/SUV Winch Kit

Champion products always radiate the aura of efficiency, convenience and effortlessness in their products, and the 10,000 lb winch kit lives up to their higher quality of product ratings. Made for any sort of heavy duty pulling activity, whoever has used this kit never found the need to look for an alternative – it is that good!

As the title suggests, this winch kit can pull the maximum weight of 10,000 pounds with ease, and the included parts support this ability to the fullest. Backed up by a 3.6 horsepower wound motor of 12-volt DC series, this winch kit can cause wonders at any of your off-roading ventures. With this powerful motor, this winch kit can pull any load with a line speed of 3.9 feet per minute at maximum capacity, and 15.7 feet per minute without any freight.

Champion Winch Kit

This kit comes with the most prominent ropes made of galvanized steel at 85 feet length consisting 3/8″ of diameter. This shows how high of a load you can pull or lift with this kit mounted on your Jeep. It includes two cables in the package: one is a black & red cable, each of them are 3 feet long and another blue & yellow cable, both of which are 6 feet.

It also features a handheld remote control device with fast connecting capability that lets you control your lift or pull from a safer distance. Safety is very important while lifting such a heavy load, and being able to operate it from farther ensures that you won’t do any accidental damage to yourself or the ones around you.

You won’t be needing to use this controller to unroll your rope from the spool, since the free-spooling clutch allows you the ability to manually despool and hook your rope up with your intended load – be that your friend’s car or a trailer that you want to drag.

Overall, this highly-efficient winch can be the perfect fit for your Jeep and help you out in ways that you had never imagined were possible.

WARN 103250 VR EVO 8 Electric 12V DC Winch

WARN is one of the most prominent brands when it comes to off-road accessories and equipment, starting from manufacturing to distribution. Their VR EVO 8 series winch is a top of the line product that can cater perfectly to your pulling needs, and might just be the best Jeep winch available in the contemporary market.

This Jeep winch runs on 12V DC electric power and it can hook directly up with your Jeep’s battery. It comes with a lifting capacity of 8,000 pounds and it is best-suited for lightweight SUVs and 2-door Jeeps. The featured wound motor is highly efficient and it can help you pull your Jeep forward in trenches effortlessly.

Warn 103250 VR Evo Winch

With a planetary gear train system, it maintains a quicker line speed even with heavy load as it is supported by lower amp draw, ensuring your battery survives the longest time. The contactors included in this kit are Albright and these are highly reliable, which is something you’d definitely want while off-roading in the most diverse track conditions. This kit allows modularity, since the control packs can be re-adjusted according to your needs for a sleek fitting.

In the category of standard duty winches, the VR EVO kit performs to the fullest level of its capacity that is aimed at making your life significantly easier. This is a waterproof winch kit with an IP68 rated construction, confirming that it has what it takes to keep your Jeep’s company – be it rain, mud or wet surfaces.

Like other standard kits, this winch kit too comes with a remote control for safe operation, but the remote can function both with wire or wireless controller, giving you the freedom of choice concerning your convenience. Installation is safe, easy and secure with a one-piece tie-plate made out of cast-aluminum. The aesthetic design of this winch will make your Jeep look fabulous even if you mount it at the front and weighing only 83.5 pounds won’t make you see any major difference at all!

In short, this is a premium choice for Jeep winches that remains within your budget, looks great and works the charm – one that your Jeep definitely needs during your off-road journeys. And as an added bonus, WARN provides 7 years warranty on electrical parts and lifetime on mechanical – which speaks for the level of trust & durability itself!

TYT T1 Series 9500 lb Electric Winch

TYT introduces their latest state of the art technology winch series with their T1 kit, which may not only be the best of their production, but also the best Jeep winch currently available for your purchase. Featured with new design, new control box and a performance of the highest order, this winch is a steal for what it’s worth.

The TYT T1 series winch features a 5.5 horsepower 4 Kw series electric motor that runs on your Jeep’s battery. With a load capacity of 9500 pounds, it can easily pull any degree of weight – be that another vehicle or yourself up a difficult track. The reception speed of this winch is significantly faster than the regular winches at this price range, about 20-30% more efficient.

TYT T1 Series Winch

The pulling ropes are strong and durable, made with galvanized steel that comes at a length of 92 feet and a diameter of 3/8″. This guarantees that you’ll be able to pull within the maximum weight limit effortlessly and get out of any tricky situation with ease. Galvanized rope means it won’t catch rust and will serve you for a very long time to come.

The top-notch performance is matched with the beautiful design that TYT incorporated in this winch. A beautiful and unique exterior made out of matte material is sure to win the hearts of whoever may see it placed on your Jeep. The powerful motor can pull your load at 24.6 feet per minute at all times with 6.4 feet per minute at maximum occupancy. The motor is made out of pure copper that only reinforces the longevity of this winch kit. The overload protection in this kit saves your kit from any damage caused by overworking, so durability becomes one less concern for you.

The T1 winch includes a 3 stage planetary gear system that lets you run it stably for the longest possible time. The free spooling clutch gear system allows you to hook up your rope with any object freely, without needing to run to your dashboard everytime. The dual remote control – wired and wireless – lets you drag anything from standing afar, lets you maintain your safety during heavy-lifting tasks.

This winch kit is the best fit for off-roading, because it is both waterproof & sandproof. Be it the most uneven dirt track or a muddy, water-laden trail, your winch kit will always provide you with relentless service and cause you no concern whatsoever. High-performing sealing ring prevents any water or sand from entering the winch motors, making it last for the longest possible time.

This unique, efficient and gorgeous winch kit can mount easily on your Jeep and pull you through the thickest of times. TYT provides you with 2 years electrical parts warranty and a lifetime of service warranty, making sure that they remain your preferred brand of winch kits to carry around with your Jeep at any remote location.

Smittybilt X2O COMP Winch

Smittybilt has been a part of the off-road equipment market for over 50 years, and the X20 Comp winch is an ideal product that reflects such tenure by offering users an unparalleled comfort. Perfectly suitable for off-road journeys and to be paired with your Jeep, the X20 winch kit surely has everything you’d look for before setting off for an adventure at the most adverse terrains.

The X20 COMP winch features a hawse fairlead with a forged hook that makes your pulling more efficient. A 6.6 horsepower Amphibious motor included in this kit that can drag at a maximum weight of 10,000 pounds on any given day. The rope sleeve is made with stainless steel and comes at a length of 10 feet with a 3/8″ diameter. Such strong rope sets you up for any sort of pulling duty without the fear of heavy weight based damage.

Smittybilt X20 Comp Winch

The durability is echoed through the overall design of this winch. Stainless steel hardwares sustains longer exposure into the outdoors without the risk of getting rusty. The kit weighs 67 pounds overall and fits at the front of your Jeep perfectly with 2 Solenoid mounting options. You can easily hook it up with a minimum 650CCA battery to start off your winching.

This technologically superior winch kit features a standard 3-stage Planetary gear system that lets you pull through any range of weight and adversity. It’s built for off-road journeys and the IP68 rated waterproof certification only reinforces the usability. This includes a special 500AMP Solenoid and a sliding ring gear clutch system that lets you hook up your winch to anything that needs to be moved. Automatic out of drum brakes and dual remote system gives you the most comfortable and convenient control over your pulling operations.

A textured black finishing with fine design along with relentless capability of heavy-duty tasks and durable mechanism makes it a reliable companion for your every off-road journey and the lifetime mechanical warranty takes all the burden of stress off your shoulder.

X-BULL 12V Synthetic Rope Winch

X-BULL has been in the production of winch kits for over 10 years now and have been delivering arguably the best Jeep winch for off-roading. Made to last an extended period of time, this winch kit will serve you on all fronts and give you the most effective outcomes in the pulling maneuvers.

This is a standard working winch powered by a heavy-duty 5.6 horsepower electric motor run by your Jeep’s battery and a seal contractor containing positive load control for power input and output. With such efficient architecture, this winch can pull at a throbbing rate of 25.3 feet per minute at light to no load, and 7 feet per minute at full load, with a maximum weight capacity of 10,000 pounds. This workrate is quite remarkable on such a portable device!

X Bull Rope Winch

The kit includes one tensile synthetic cable. This Dyneema rope is a gift of modern technology that weighs 1/10th of a stainless steel rope, reducing the weight of the winch by around 20 pounds! That’s not all. Dyneema ropes are built for heavy lifting, and the strength level is about 10 times more than regular steel ropes. Also, these ropes have better resistance to bending fatigue, resists any sort of weather, UV ray and chemicals, making it an ideal fit for Jeeps that frequently go on off-road ventures. This is safer than steel as well in many aspects and lasts significantly longer without having to change.

Off-roading is enabled even further with an IP67 waterproof rating and the inclusion of a 500AMP Solenoid valve enhances its capabilities. You’ll be able to drag any heavy load with a 3-stage Planetary gear system that provides a higher pull-rate and lower ampere traction. Both wired and wireless remotes are included in this device, and the spooling clutch lets you handle your hook quicker than regular spools. The Automatic Load-holding Braker technology ensures maximum safety for the winch, and for the operator as well.

This is a premium product that is ready to be your off-roading partner out of the box. The unique features and accessories will save your day at the most difficult track conditions and help you sustain & overcome any hurdle, making your experience more pleasant and enjoyable.

ZEAK 13000 lb. Premium Electric Winch

ZEAK launches their premium electric winch consisting of elegant design with a deluxe finishing. Apart from aesthetically pleasing looks, this beast of a winch can out-perform any other winches in the market of such caliber any day of the week. Be it a trail climb or helping a friend out, this quality winch will certainly fit perfectly with your Jeep while going off the road.

This winch is run by battery, powered with 400AMP 12V DC series wound. Featured with an astonishing 6.0 horsepower engine and a gear ratio of 236:1, this beauty can pull forward the heaviest of burdens swiftly, up to a throbbing weight of 13,000 pounds! No other winch at this price range has such stunning capability which makes it a fit choice to be called the best Jeep winch right now!

Zeak Premium Electric Winch

This kit can pull at a speed of 21.3 feet per minute without load, and 5 feet per minute with a full capacity. The standard 3-stage Planetary gear system allows any degree of pulling, be that a lightweight freight to a strong one. It comes with a synthetic rope of 86 feet long and 3/8″ of diameter. On the other end, this rope is connected to a 3/8″ clevis hook for your pulling jobs.

The package includes two remote controls – one wired and one wireless. The wired remote is connected to a 137.4 inches cord for safety in operating, and the cordless remote can be used from a maximum distance of 32 feet. You’ll remain safe when you hook up your winch to the load and perform the push-pull action.

This stylish winch can become your permanent partner in crime with IP68 waterproof design that’ll let you go the distance you’ve always dreamed of. You must note down that, the mount required for installing the winch and fairlead is not a part of the package, so you have to make a separate purchase for that. This device has implemented a special design control pack for your convenience, and a circuit breaker to limit overload. Check your motor’s temperature while performing heavy pulling and let it cool if it gets too hot.

In short, ZEAK’s winch is an A-grade, all-rounder kit that’ll increase the stylistic value of your Jeep, and meeting the price point for such a product will make you every penny worth.

ZESUPER 9500 lbs Electric Winch Kit

ZESUPER has gained popularity in the market for off-road equipment with their high-quality products and this electric winch kit has taken place among our top list for your Jeep. Style, feature and performance – you name it, this kit has got it all. If you’re looking to pull heavy objects, trailers or your Jeep itself on a regular basis, this winch can cater to your dragging needs and deliver even more.

Powered by a 5.5 horsepower 12V DC series electric wound motor, this winch has the strength of a bull to perform your heavy-duty tasks both on and off-road. The Planetary gear system paired with 500AMP relay will make your most massive burden feel like a feather. This motor does all the dragging with a 78 feet synthetic rope made of 12 finely stranded ropes. These ropes divide the tension among themselves and give you lifting capability 10 times higher than regular steel ones.

Zesuper Electric Winch Kit

This winch kit can drag a surprising 6.4 feet per minute on full load and 24.6 feet per minute with no weight. A 55 pound kit that can effortlessly fit your Jeep and let you carry it around anywhere. The IP67 certification implies that the kit will seal and protect itself from water and sand particles, making it fit for off-road adventures.

The two remote controls that come with this kit are both made with advanced design, one wired and the other wireless. These remotes take your controlling capability to a new level, with increased sensitivity and accuracy that lets you precisely drag or pull a heavy object. ZESUPER offers a lifetime of technical support and one year limited warranty to take some concern off your shoulder.

As a whole, this winch kit will enhance your Jeep’s capability in unexplored terrains without the fear of getting stuck in the tightest of spots. Durable, advanced and powerful – this winch for Jeep is making off-road enthusiasts go crazy, and you should certainly join them as soon as possible!

Why Do You Need A Jeep Winch?

Why Do You Need A Jeep Winch

If you want to make sure you’re purchasing a new winch for all the right reasons, then this is your checkpoint. This section will tell you what your Jeep winch is capable of doing, and how having one installed will benefit you in the long run.

Avoiding Sticky Situation

Imagine getting stuck in mud, ice or during climbing up a trail. The helplessness that you feel is immeasurable, and a Jeep winch will help you overcome that. Simply attract the hook on to something substantial and accelerate while pressing the pull button. You’ll be surprised to see how effectively it works and how easily you can come out of such difficulties with ease!

Pulling Heavy Object

If you face a challenge where you’ll have to pull a heavy object, a winch can help you in that case. Connect the hook with the object, accelerate with back gear and pull the winch at the same time – the convenient outcome will surprise you!

Safe Operation

While your stuck Jeep might have needed a hook attached to the bumpers to get pulled out without a winch, it had the chance of damaging your vehicle based on how much pull it was facing. But having a winch installed minimizes the risk of that damage since the mount is sturdy for withstanding strong pulls to certain extent.

Helping Other Vehicles

Your friend’s vehicle is stuck or is lying sideways on a trail – what to do? Your winch will come to the rescue! All you need to do is hook it up with that vehicle and press pull. You’ll find your friend’s vehicle up and running in no time!

How To Pick The Best Winch For Jeep?

To ensure that your winch is the best one you can find in the market, you have to know what makes one the most desirable. Scrolling through this section will enlighten you with the necessary features for the best winch you can ever find.

Motor Power

Having a powerful motor is absolutely essential while picking your winch. Stronger kits will let you drag a higher load at a faster pace. You must ensure though that your motor isn’t overheating. Some winches contain automatic power cut-off due to heating, and having such features will save your motor in the long run. But the downside is, you won’t get relentless support and pause frequently during the pullings.

Rope Type

There are mainly two types of ropes that come with a winch: one is stainless steel and the other is synthetic. Stainless steel ropes last longer due to the durability of the material. But they weigh more and can increase your winch’s weight significantly. On the other hand, synthetic ropes are lighter in nature and have the potential to provide 10 times more strength than the steel ones, but they won’t match the level of durability.

Clutch Spool

Clutch spool is an important feature to have in your winch. It lets you unspool your rope for attaching it with your load without having to touch the controller or moving to the dashboard. It bypasses that necessity and you can pull out your rope to the length of your desire with no issue at all.


Price must be considered before you make your winch purchase. There are a lot of premium winches that include so many features that you probably would never require. They do provide additional comfort, but if you can manage to sort out your needs precisely, you’ll be able to find the best-suited winch at a lower price and save you up to a couple hundred bucks easily.

Waterproof Rating

Your ideal winch must have a waterproof rating to be certain that it won’t let water or sand enter into the system and cause disturbances. This is essential for off-roadings because a leaking winch can get you stuck in tricky situations. IP ratings will confirm that your winch is fit for adverse track conditions and will help you out whenever needs be.

Remote Controller

Having a remote controller for your Jeep winch will give you all sorts of safety that you might need. Pulling a heavy load from afar with your remote is a blessing that some of the top winches indulge you with. These can be wired or wireless, and can perform the pulling or dragging task smoothly from a safe distance.


From our top selections, no matter which winch you pick, you’re certain to come out as the winner. Because each of these winches are made to serve certain purposes, and whichever you find to meet your requirements will be the best one for you. Our experts however, have picked out one based on their preferences to be the best Jeep winch in the list, and it’s the ZEAK 13000 lb. Premium Electric Winch – here’s why:

ZEAK’s winch has a higher pulling capacity than most other products at such a price range, and despite being able to carry out such heavy tasks, it weighs significantly lighter due to the modern technology and the lightweight synthetic rope. It ticks all the necessary feature categories like clutch, waterproof rating and advanced remote controls.

Everything combined together makes it an ideal choice for Jeep owners who venture into the wilderness on a regular basis. Rest of the winches share a lot of similarities too, only varying in design, brands and a few minor aspects. But in the end it comes down to preference based on how much performance you need out of your winch.

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