Do All Jeeps Have Easter Eggs

Do All Jeeps Have Easter Eggs? Revealing Jeep’s Most Promising Undisclosed Feature

A Jeep is a blessing to us human beings. They are extremely dependable under harsh weather conditions, and tend to provide top-notch protection to the user as well as the plentiful amount of passengers that are present in the resilient vehicle. They are also versatile, as they can diminish the downsides of a muddy surface while supplying the passengers and the operator with the highest grade of comfort.

Even though Jeep is admired and loved around the world by a massive group of people for its visuals as well as its endless abilities, there’s one feature that often goes unnoticed, and as a result, feels underappreciated.  Yes, yes, we’re obviously referring to the multiple Easter Eggs that a majority of their vehicles contain, which is ironically the main agenda of this article.

Moving on, if you have been using the available services of one of Jeep’s vehicles, but never heard of the existence of their Easter Eggs, luck is definitely on your side!

In this write-up, we will reveal everything regarding the massive vehicles of Jeep and their Easter eggs. Apart from adding the various types of Easter Eggs that they incorporate to their vehicles, we will also resolve questions regarding how one can find them and the placement of each Easter egg.

Regardless, if you have questions along the lines of the phrase “Do all Jeeps have Easter Eggs?”, make sure you stick around until the end to resolve all your queries to the fullest.

Does Every Jeep Have An Easter Egg?

As much as we’d like to give you hope when solving this question, we also believe that you deserve to hear the truth, which might be a bit painful to deal with.

Since the idea occurred shortly after the introduction of Jeep, founders as well as developers of each Jeep model had to wait for almost a decade to bring their marvelous scheme to life. After working on the blueprint of each Easter Egg for almost a little over a decade, Jeep were finally able to install Easter eggs to their vehicles from 1997 and have been doing so since then.

Additionally, while the tradition is still alive to this day, the founders and manufacturers of Jeep have decided to not include Easter eggs on some of the models of The Jeep Patriot.

All in all, long story short, not all Jeep vehicles have Easter Eggs on themselves. All models, except specific models of the Jeep Patriot and the ones that were made before 1997, have one or half a dozen Easter Eggs on them.

Types Of Easter Eggs

Types of Easter Eggs

Even though there are only 6 main models in the Jeep series, one can find loads of Easter Eggs on 5 of them!

A few of them are rather simple. For instance, if you come across the initials “JL” when looking for an Easter egg, then stop right there, ‘cause that’s one of them! In addition to the initials, one can also find a basic pattern of the number “419” on their vehicle as an Easter egg. You may also find abstract visuals such as paint splatter if you look hard enough.

Moreover, excluding the Easter eggs mentioned in the former paragraph, there’s also another range of Easter eggs that you are bound to cross paths with, especially if you’re vigilant enough! If you look closely enough, you can find lizards, spiders, and even a topographical map of the infamous Moab logo if you make it your mission.

Additionally, even if you fail to find the Easter eggs that are mentioned in the former two paragraphs, don’t give up just yet! There are loads of other Easter eggs such as that of a vintage Willys Jeep, an American flag shaped c pillar vent, and even an Easter egg of a t-rex chasing a willy that you will definitely notice once you’re done with your quest.

How To Find Your Jeep’s Easter Eggs

Now that you know more about the visuals that you’ll come across, perhaps finding the hidden Easter eggs featured in your own Jeep will be even easier. Moreover, to give you a headstart, mentioned below are all the jeep models that have Easter eggs. To give you an additional upper hand, we have also mentioned the areas in which most Easter eggs are located.

Jeep Grand Cherokee

Jeep Grand Cherokee

If you have one of the models in the Jeep Grand Cherokee series, hop on your driver’s seat and skim through your cup holder thoroughly. Use a torch if needed. You’ll surely find the logo of a Jeep on the surface of one of the cup holders.

Moreover, the Jeep Grand Cherokee might also have an extra Easter egg on the fuel cap, so make sure to leave no stone unturned.

Jeep Wrangler

Jeep Wrangler

Finding Easter eggs on a Jeep Wrangler should be as easy as making apple pie. All you have to do is pop the trunk and search for one or a few Easter eggs under the cargo area. By the time you’re done with carrying out the former activity, don’t be surprised if you discover quite a few gems.

Additionally, you can also find Easter eggs on the passenger’s side, near the windshield. The Easter egg could be of a lizard, or even a spider. You can even find another one if you switch to the driver’s side of the windshield.

Overall, since the Jeep Wrangler is probably the fan favorite amongst the models Jeep has come up with, it shouldn’t come as a surprise if you find at least six Easter eggs on yours.

Jeep Compass

Jeep Compass

In contrast to the Jeep Wrangler, the Jeep Compass also has Easter eggs that are easy to notice. One can find Easter eggs on areas that are easy to observe like the steering wheel, or can even find one on the plastic compartment near the backseat.

Do make sure to check under the infotainment screen as well since the manufacturers usually add an Easter egg on the surface of that area.

Jeep Renegade

Jeep Renegade

The Jeep Renegade is already a sublime model in the Jeep series and is definitely one of the better vehicles to put your money in. However, the Easter egg that it contains might be rather difficult to figure out, as it is mostly found inside the headlight compartment, or in other words, inside the headlight housing of the vehicle.

Jeep Cherokee

Jeep Cherokee

Similar to Jeep Compass, one can expect to run into Easter eggs only if they check out the surface beneath the infotainment screen, as that is where most of them should be for most Jeep Cherokee models. While you may easily notice it during daytime, make sure to use the help of a flashlight if you’re trying to discover it at night.

Jeep Patriot

Jeep Patriot

Unfortunately, coming across an Easter egg or even multiple Easter eggs would be an unrealistic scenario if you’re using a Jeep Patriot. While the creators of Jeep have incorporated multiple Easter eggs to most of their installments, they have purposely left out all the vehicles that are under the series of Jeep Patriot. While the reason remains unknown, we believe that it could be due to the unsuccessful venture and underwhelming feedback they received through that project.

Overview of Jeeps and Their Easter Eggs

If you’re still just as confused as you were before you read the previous segment, we believe the table placed below will relieve you of all your worries and concerns.

Jeep Model Easter egg area
Jeep Grand Cherokee Cup holders, Windshield
Jeep Wrangler Cargo region
Jeep Compass Windshield; Driver’s seat
Jeep Cherokee Steering wheel, Infotainment screen
Jeep Patriot Unavailable, N/A
Jeep Renegade Headlight Housing

Bottom Line

All in all, now that you’re done with acquiring knowledge on whether your beloved Jeep has Easter eggs and where you can find them if it does, we hope you’re able to locate all of them and boast about them with pride. Treat it like an adventure or a friendly game to make the most of this scenario. Ask your friends and family members to join in if they too have time in hand!

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