Jeep Wrangler Painting Cost

How Much Does It Cost To Paint A Jeep Wrangler: A Thorough Guide For Newbies

Tired of your Jeep Wrangler’s color scheme and desperately looking for a fresh start? Well, we have got you covered! Fasten your seatbelt as we make an attempt to tackle just how much one needs to spend in order to paint their Jeep Wrangler, whether it’s on their own or through the service of another.

We will also cover the minimum knowledge one needs before taking their Jeep out for a paint job, so make sure to stick around till the end!

How much do I need to spend for my Jeep’s paint job?

While repainting your beloved vehicle will require you to spend a relatively larger sum, the cost of painting a Jeep depends on loads of factors. The cost will vary depending on whether it will be done at home through a solo attempt, delegated to a somewhat professional or achieved through the help of a high-end, reliable company.

For instance, if you do it at home on your own, the tools you’ll need will range from 100-1000 at most.

On the other hand, if you hire a professional, you might have to work around their charging fee as well as pay for the materials needed for the paint job. Additional sums such as cost of transportation should also be taken into the mix, which makes the estimation around a whopping $2000 to $3000.

Lastly, if you get it done through the help of renowned, professional brands, it might cost you around 2000-5000. This is due to the fact that the quality of the paint will be more durable as opposed to the paint used by the other options on this list. The time frame of the painting process will also be shorter as opposed to the other methods.

How much does it cost to paint a Jeep Wrangler by yourself?

Paint a Jeep Wrangler By Yourself

If you believe in your own abilities and choose to paint your Jeep Wrangler by yourself, it will save your life in multiple ways, but also make it just as risky in some.

For instance, doing it yourself will cost you around 100 dollars for the paint itself, only if you’re purchasing containers of basic quality paint. While the results won’t be as amazing and of top-notch quality, it will be a logical decision financially, especially if you’re working with a tight budget.

On the other hand, you can also spend a handsome amount of $1000 or less if you want more effective and better quality cans of spray paint or even buckets of coarse paint. They might seem a bit more expensive than the previous option, but that’s solely due to how good they are in terms of quality. The paint will last longer, be more durable and reliable under harsh weather conditions, and will be easier for you to use due to their efficiency.

All in all, while the second option might require more work and might take longer to complete, it’d be best if you spend a little more on the paint to ensure the longevity of it and maintain the favorable impression your Jeep Wrangler has.

Tools You’ll Need for the DIY Process

Tools To need Paint Manually

To get results that are presentable and positive, you might need to implement the use of multiple equipment.

Firstly, you might need cans of spray paint, one for each segment. For example, if you’re aiming to go all in and paint the whole vehicle, you might need to purchase at least five to six cans of spray paint. While four cans will be enough, it’s always better to be prepared for negative outcomes such as a botched paint job and uneven lines. Purchasing an extra can or even two cans will enable you to have a plan B.

Apart from spray paint, you can also use spray guns, especially if you’re not the craftiest person in the room. Spray guns will allow you to take control of the pattern and maintain the consistency of the paint job, ensuring a praiseworthy paint job. It will also make the painting process much shorter as the quality of spray guns enable a better finish, reducing the chances of having to repeat the painting process.

In addition to the two main components, you might also need minor accessories such as tape to prevent any uneven layer of color on the Wrangler. It will protect the interior from getting damaged during the paint job, saving cost as a result.

Time Frame of the DIY Process

Painting a Jeep Wrangler won’t be easy and is anything but time-friendly. An average paint job with a novice technique will take you at least 10-12 hours to complete. On the other hand, if you want to take your time and want to end up with an impressive-looking vehicle, you might need to invest at least 2 days in the whole process, which makes the estimated amount around 40 hours in total.

Keep in mind that we have also added the amount of time taken for cleaning the spray guns and the time taken for mixing paint for the spray gun into the mix to make the calculation more precise and logical.

How much will it cost if I hire someone to do the paint job?

Hiring someone else, a professional painter to be more specific, can also work wonders for you and your Jeep Wrangler. They usually specialize in these things, making them reliable contenders and the safest bet one can find.

The rate of professionals may vary as it depends on the amount of experience they have in their field. An up and coming professional might charge you $30 to $40 per hour, while a well trained professional will charge you somewhere in between $50 and $60. There will also be other costs such as transport cost and cost of equipment which will be involved in the mix, making the total estimation around $500-$4000.

Remember that the amount depends on the paint and the person you’ll invest in. If you’re looking for a professional who charges an affordable rate with very little expectations, you can cut down on the cost of the paint and resort to a low-quality one. Delegating it to a beginner and providing them with shoddy containers of paint will require you to spend around $500 in total. The cost will shoot up and stay within $4000 only if the painter is a veteran who doesn’t live in the same town, has tons of brand image, and the materials are expensive.

Why should you leave the painting process in the hands of professional companies?

Professional Painting

Painting a vehicle that is as huge as a Jeep Wrangler isn’t an easy task to work on alone. Moreover, no one really likes a paint job that is below mediocre, especially if they love their Wranglers to the fullest extent. This is when professional companies come in.

Although they always bring a costly budget to the table, professional companies specialize in amping up cars and do it for a living. They will make your car look appealing on the eyes and get the job done in a jiffy with zero to minimum errors.

Moreover, professional companies use the best tools and are punctual, which makes them the best option to resort to. The fact that they deliver on time make them more reliable, which can be great for those that are looking for permanent partners.

In addition to their efficiency and reliability, professional companies use the best quality of paint that lasts for at least a decade or even more! So, count on them. Invest in them. You’ll end up with a car that will look fabulous for days!

Other Alternatives

Painting a Jeep Wrangler is as versatile as the vehicle itself! If you’re not the biggest fan of the previous entry of options in our write-up, perhaps the following two options will definitely ease down the decision making process and encourage you to pick one.

Spray Paint

This is hands down the least expensive option on our list. Even though bits of it are covered in the DIY portion of the article, we thought you could use more information on it, especially if you’re new to all this.

Whether you’re making a solo attempt or leaving it in the hands of another, spray paint can surely be a convenient option. It is easy to use and extremely budget-friendly! In fact, one container of spray paint ranges from $20 to $50. While the price is directly set depending on the quality of the product, spray paint can definitely help you if you’re just painting your car “for fun” as well as help you save up a little.

The paint used in spray paint also stays good for at least a year, which is more than good enough for the price.


Vinyl wrapping can also be a good option for those that want their Jeep Wrangler to truly stand out. Since vinyl wraps are glossy, it will surely give your vehicle a unique impression and personality.

It is also one of the options that won’t require you to splurge a sizable amount of money on your car, which could make up for the questionable longevity that vinyl wraps usually have.

Furthermore, if you ever get bored of the vinyl wraps, you can always go back to the Wrangler’s original color. Vinyl wrapping can easily be reversed and removed at home. The time taken to remove the wrapping isn’t lengthy, either, making it a fan favorite between the others.

How long will it take to paint a Jeep Wrangler?

Whether it’s achieved through a solo attempt or done with the assistance of professionals, it might take at least 2 to 3 days before the vehicle is fully painted. This is due to the tricky layout of the car. The car’s shape is rather unusual and not as easy to work with as opposed to traditional vehicles, which makes the time frame longer than it needs to be.

Also, attaining optimal results is necessary. To ensure that, one should always take their time when painting a Jeep Wrangler.

All in all, before giving your Jeep away to a company or trusting yourself with the car’s paint job, make sure you take into account the time frame. 48 to 72 hours might be pretty easy for some to deal with, but might be extremely difficult for the ones that love their Jeep unconditionally.


When all is said and done, the cost of your Jeep Wrangler’s paint job ultimately depends on you, your expectations, and your budget. If you’re looking for affordable procedures with average results, you can look into the modest options mentioned in this write-up.

However, if you want your Wrangler to look as flawless and effortless as its features, you can definitely look into the expensive choices that will definitely be worth the money in the end.

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