Are Jeep Wranglers Good in the Snow? Let’s Find Out!

You might be a resident in a place where the weather condition is snowy most of the year. You could also be an explorer wanting to drive on every possible terrain.

Whatever your reason might be, you will always want a safe car in the snow. Now the question is if a Jeep Wrangler is a good option or not.

Jeep Wranglers can boast of being an epitome of great off-road driving experience for many years. No matter how extreme the terrain is, or how brutal the weather condition is, a Wrangler is always reliable.

However, driving in the snow throws at you a unique set of challenges. You really cannot compare it with anything else.  Can a Jeep Wrangler handle the challenges?

Are Jeep Wranglers Good In The Snow?

Jeep Wrangler Performance In The Snow

Yes. That is the one word answer. Very few cars are safer or more reliable than a Jeep Wrangler in the snow. Wranglers are really that apt.

The characteristics that make Jeep Wranglers suitable for difficult terrains and weathers, make it work great on the snow as well. The car is designed in such a way that can tackle such tough challenges.

Every type of weather condition has its own nuances. So, we will dive deep into the features that make the Jeep Wranglers good in the snow.

Keep reading to also find out our tips and tricks about bringing out the best performance form a Wrangler in the snow.

What Makes Jeep Wranglers Good In The Snow?

Now, let’s discuss in detail how some specific features make Jeep Wranglers a great car for the snow. Better understanding of these features will help you in making decisions and keeping you safer on the road.

Four-Wheel Drive System

Four Wheel Drive System

Jeep Wranglers have the four-wheel drive system, as they are built for off-road adventures. This is a huge advantage in the snow. Direct power to all four wheels ensure that the car has more traction. So, the car will not slip or get stuck in the snow.

Amazing Ground Clearance

Ground Clearance

No matter which Jeep Wrangler model and trim you are driving, it will have great ground clearance. The lowest is 8.3 inches, the standard is 9.7 inches, and it can go up to 10.8 inches. The car faces less resistance, and can go over and through a huge amount of snow. It also offers excellent visibility for the driver.

Comfortable Heating System

The most commonly asked question is if the Wrangler can keep you warm in extreme cold conditions. Well, the Wrangler actually heats up pretty quickly. Not only do you get heated seats, the steering wheel is heated as well. A warm and comfortable environment inside the car is therefore guaranteed.

Manual Locking Differentials

Automatic locking differentials can prove to be troublesome in the snow. Thankfully, some models of Jeep Wranglers, like the Rubicon, have selectable locking differentials. They can be very handy in sketchy situations. They will help you to plow through deep snow, and also get out if you ever get stuck in snow.

Tires for Every Terrain

Jeep Wrangler Tires

Jeep Wranglers are perhaps the most popular off-road cars, and that’s why tire manufacturers are always coming up with new tire options for any and all terrain and weather conditions. So, there are a plethora of options and you can choose the tire which will perfectly suit your Wrangler in the snow.

Blind-spot Monitoring System

This is an amazing piece of technology that can be a savior in the snow. Unfortunately, only the newer models of Jeep Wranglers have this system. But, it will be extremely helpful if your car has it. The visibility is very poor while you are driving on snowy roads. This technology will give a signal and alert you about the presence of another car.

Driver Assistance

Apart from the blind-spot monitoring system, there are other innovative technologies which make the Jeep Wranglers suitable for the snow. For example, there are features like hill start assist and tire pressure monitoring. These features help immensely in rough conditions like the snow. You can lower the tire pressure with the tire pressure monitoring system, which is more suitable in the snow.


Jeep Wrangler Engine Power

The engine of Jeep Wranglers itself plays a significant role in the snow. The latest Wrangler models have 3.6L V6 engines. These powerful engines output 285hp and 260lb-ft of torque. These will make sure you can drive through any snowy road without any hesitation.

How To Better Prepare the Jeep Wrangler For The Snow?

We have a couple of tips and suggestions for you to ensure optimum performance of the Wrangler in the snow. Keeping these things in mind will give you a great winter driving experience and keep you safe in tough conditions.

Choosing the right tire for the snow is extremely important. There are plenty of options and you need to decide which one has appropriate grip and is the most suitable. For example, the Goodyear MTR-60 is reportedly a great option.

Four-wheel drive is a big advantage, but you need to learn which leaver activates it. You have to know exactly where the leaver is before you go out with the car.

You also need to familiarize yourself with the technologies. Make sure that you know how to switch to manual locked differentials and operate all the devices like the blind-spot monitoring system.

Speaking of latest technologies, consider a few things if you do not own a Jeep Wrangler yet. If you live in a snowy area and you are thinking of buying one, choose one with all the latest technological features.

As we have discussed above, these features are immensely helpful in the snow. Rubicon model cars can be a superb choice. The new Rubicon cars have all these features and it is an amazing car for the snow.

Also, do not buy a Wrangler with soft tops. Soft tops can easily be damaged in the snow. Hard tops would be more appropriate.

You should also update your wipers and go for winter wipers. The rubber in winter wipers stops snow from freezing on wipers.

You should also consider installing winter chains on your Wrangler. There is no such thing as being too safe on the snow.

Finally, be extra careful while driving. Avoid driving too fast and braking too hard. It is easy to lose control of the car in the snow. Also, keep a safe distance from other cars.


You might already be convinced to buy a Jeep Wrangler. There is no doubt about the fact that they are good in the snow.

Although we have kept everything pretty simple, feel free to do more research if you are confused by some of the can jargons.

As far as our verdict is concerned, we would definitely recommend Jeep Wranglers. The very nature of these cars make them suitable for the snow.

The fact that Wranglers are built for every road is not just marketing rhetoric. The latest technologies have only made these cars better.

So, bring this beast home and storm through any snowy road.

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